As a Partner at YellowDog in Seoul, Republic of Korea, I bring extensive experience in journalism and research to my role. My background includes working at prominent South Korean media outlets such as CBS, JTBC, and Joongang-Ilbo from 2008 to 2015. I have also contributed to the field of science and technology policy as a Researcher at STEPI in 2018.

In my current role at YellowDog, I actively conduct research on AI technical trends and develop AI strategies to assist our portfolio startups in navigating the ever-evolving landscape. My hands-on approach ensures that these companies are equipped with the latest insights and tools to maximize their potential for growth and success.

Academically, I hold an M.S. from Seoul National University and a B.A. from Yonsei University, and I have completed coursework for a Ph.D. program at the same institution. My primary research interests include AI bias, human-AI collaborative work, and human-in-the-loop models. In addition, I enjoy crafting data-driven articles on a regular basis, sharing valuable knowledge with a wider audience.

contact: [email protected]